My name is Karen White, founder of TheKWGroup. We are a M/MBE certified business. We are a vendor for the State of New York. We teach QuickBooks and provide Startup Playbook knowledge and game plans which are essential for the growth and development of small and disadvantaged enterprises.

In short, we help “Small and Minority Businesses” thrive. It is my mission to see that they have all the education that they need to grow and advance.

I would like to assist you with your Minority Business efforts. My methodology of Start, Grow and Maintain will be a powerful tool for you and the companies you engage.

As a M/MBE group, we have learned that the startup opportunity does not necessarily bring us the skillset we need to Maintain and Grow.

Karen White is the Founder of TheKWGroup and head QuickBooks trainer. She received her MBE from Tucks University. She is a Minority and Women Business guide.

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