TheKWGroup is a consulting and educational service firm that provides professional accounting software, training, and business consultations for prospective entrepreneurs and business owners to scale their businesses.

Our accounting software, Elite QuickBooks, provides book organization, inventory management, sales tracking, and payroll running solutions for small and medium-scale enterprises to save you extra dollars and time. TheKWGroup also helps prospective and business owners to solve ERP challenges, put their financial system on track, and proffers business consultations that guarantee their success.

What makes us unique is the 31 years of experience setting up, controlling, and promoting businesses. At TheKWGroup, our professional service comes in two phases – first for the prospective business owners and the second for existing small and medium scale enterprises.

Phase 1

Write your business plan.

At TheKWGroup, we bring your business to fruition. We do in-depth research on your idea, conduct SWOT analysis, and analyze the feasibility of turning your ideas into a thriving business in a few months.

Fund your business

You don’t have to abolish your business idea because of capital. At TheKWGroup, we help prospective business owners and small and medium enterprises to raise funds for their business through SBA loans, Angel investors, peer-to-peer loans, and incubators.

Get accounting software (QuickBooks)

QuickBooks saves your business cost by providing all-in-one accounting features like inventory management, merchant services, sales tracking, income and expenses tracking, and payroll. Your business will reach the desired height with our accounting software and the befitting business consultation service we provide.

Decide your location or do a home business.

Our consultancy service includes deciding the best platform to do your business – to set up an office at any location in the USA or stay at home for your business; we guide you and set your location for you.

Phase 2

TheKWGroup also serves the interest of existing businesses to upscale, reach new markets, increase their market shares, and globalize their markets through our phase 2 consultation services.

We proffer the following service.

Get a good accountant or bookkeeper.

TheKWGroup provides you with QuickBooks that solves your accountant and bookkeeping problems. QuickBooks solve your data entry, inventory management, bank reconciliations, income and expenses tracking, and payroll issues with no extra course.

Hire people (Contractors and Employees)

TheKWGroup assumes the role of a hiring manager to hire befitting contractors and employees for your business after thorough interviews. We have been in business consultancy service for 31 years, so with our wealth of experience we will help you in making the decision of know the right people to hire through our reliable processes.

Set up Human Resources

We provide the appropriate human resources checklist for your business, including ethical behavior, employment agreement, and policy changes. We also guide you through the employee compensation plans, department concerns, suitable human resource structure for your business type, and develop training programs and performance and management methods.

Set up Payroll

TheKWGroup sets up payroll for your business to make your accounting easier. From getting EIN, doing paperwork, mapping your compensation plan, choosing a payroll system, running your payroll, to reporting payroll taxes, we guide you through these steps. However, QuickBooks helps solve payroll problems, tax problems, employee expenses, medical & dental insurance deductions, W-2 and 1099 fillings without stress.

Determine if you need an attorney

An attorney assists you in compliance with the local laws, copyright, trademark, formal business incorporation, lawsuits, and liability. Getting an attorney after being sued is late. Therefore, we help you to determine the needs and find a competent attorney for your business.

Update accounting software (QuickBooks)

We update your accounting software to the latest version in tandem with your company’s growth. Updated QuickBooks help solves your growth issues.

Hire a coach

Coaches serve as your business compass because they see your business blind spots, offer more insight, set a higher target, provide more knowledge, serve as your accountability partner, and help you navigate challenges. Reach us today to provide you with guidelines on finding a business coach.


TheKWGroup assists you to find a 410K plan that suits your business needs and also connect the deductions to payroll without altercations between you and your employees.

Start budgets and yearly planning.

Our consultation service includes mapping out your financial plan to scale your business. We help you plan your start budgets with guides on how to finance your business. We also help you run yearly planning that is easy to follow and promote your business.

Additional Marketing campaigns

We help companies choose suitable marketing campaigns and help them and assist with the setup of the campaign. With our 31 years of service, your campaigns can never go wrong.

As a small business coach, we can help you develop your business plan before launch, ensure a successful starting up the game plan, or refine your business practices once you have set up shop.

Just like an athletic coach, a small business coach can offer help and encouragement at any stage of your business development.

TheKWGroup methodology is to focus on finding you the right solution!

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